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May I purchase fence materials to install myself?2014-07-30T14:51:27-05:00

Easter Fence, Inc. carries nearly everything you need to install a fence. Easter typically has wood and galvanized chain-link materials in stock. Those customers who are interested in other fencing products (such as vinyl, aluminum, Montage, steel, vinyl coated chain-link, or split rail) may order their materials to be picked up at our location. Contact Easter Fence for more information.

Does Easter Fence sell custom gates?2014-07-30T14:51:20-05:00

Yes. Unlike many other fence companies that must order their chain-link gates and wait weeks for their arrival, Easter custom welds and wires any walk gate, double drive gate, or cantilever gate on site to fit your desired opening. Gates can be wired with any type of wire to match the rest of your existing fence. Barbed wire can be added to gates for extra security, or privacy slats can be added to make an attractive privacy system.

What styles of fencing are available?2014-07-30T14:51:12-05:00

Easter sells and installs a variety of fence styles and materials including Vinyl, Aluminum, Montage Steel, Steel, Wood, and Chain-link. Each of these types of fencing come in various heights and styles to meet your specific needs. For more information, explore the links below or contact Easter.

Whose responsibility is it to mark the lines, and what lines will the Missouri One Call service mark?2014-07-30T14:51:06-05:00

Easter Fence will be happy to contact the Missouri One Call service to mark the lines in the yard prior to fence installation. The Missouri One Call System will mark underground public utility lines such as electric, phone, water, and gas lines. The Missouri One Call does not mark private lines such as sprinkler systems, invisible fences, gas grill lines, or other customer-installed underground systems. Customers should inform the estimator and/or the installers of any other underground lines.

What warranties are available?2014-07-30T14:50:59-05:00

Easter Fence offers a one-year warranty on materials and labor.

Our maintenance-free styles are covered by manufacturers warranties on the materials. In short, the manufacturers warranties ensure the vinyl, aluminum, steel, or Montage fence will not peel, rot, split, flake, blister, corrode, or fade abnormally when exposed to normal weather and use. Neither Easter Fence’s one-year warranty nor the manufacturers limited lifetime warranties cover damage to fences incurred by improper abuse or damage, flood, fire, or other acts of nature.

Vinyl fences are covered by the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty on the materials for homeowners. This is transferable to a new homeowner for 20 additional years. The warranty covers corporate and government customers for 30 years. More details are available on the manufacturer’s website.

The Montage fence is covered by a manufacturer’s 20-year limited warranty (1 year for gates). For further information on the warranty for the Ameristar Montage fence, see the Montage warranty brochure.

The aluminum fences are covered by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. The steel fences are covered by a manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty. Additional warranty information for these maintenance-free options is available in the brochures found on the appropriate pages elsewhere on this site.

What does it mean for a fence to meet pool code, and what fences can Easter Fence install that will meet the code?2017-06-30T16:06:40-05:00

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (www.cpsc.gov) has released a set of pool code guidelines, but individual municipalities have freedom to apply the recommended guidelines more or less stringently. In general, fences around pools should be no less than 48″ tall with no less than 45″ between horizontal rails. Alternatively, if the horizontal rails are closer than 45″ apart, then the fence can be at least 48″ tall with no less than 1-3/4″ spacing between the pickets. All gates should be self-closing and self-latching.

Every Easter Fence estimator is familiar with the national code and the codes of local municipalities, and the estimator will be sure to highlight the styles of fence that will meet your pool fencing needs. Easter Fence can install pool code-compliant styles of all varieties of fence.

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